Nearly $600,000 In Grant Funding Will Be Distributed

Nearly $600,000 in grant funding will be distributed to 19 Clinton County nonprofit organizations, announced the LEGACY Fund grant committee, in partnership with the Clinton County Foundation.
Decision makers for the LEGACY committee are Tony Long, Janet Dixon, Joe Hete, Michelle Morrison and Kerry Steed. The committee ensures that each organization is eligible for funding, weighs the community need and guarantees that the project is in alignment with the LEGACY Fund’s mission to support the health, wellbeing and safety of Clinton County residents.
The LEGACY Fund invests in a broad range of nonprofit organizations working to strengthen and improve Clinton County. Grant funds are made available across three specific categories, based on the guidance of the governing committee. Committee members are appointed by the Clinton County Commissioners. They are committed to provide ongoing financial charitable support for the improvement of the health, wellbeing and safety of residents in Clinton County, Ohio.

“As a committee, we are excited to see these funds invested back in our communities thereby improving the overall health, safety and welfare for the residents of our county,” stated Tony Long, Chairman of the Clinton County Legacy Fund Committee.
The grantees, their awards and projects are listed:

Alternatives to Violence Seeking Safety Project, $2,998. The Seeking Safety program will provide survivors of intimate partner, sexual and stalking violence with safety equipment to aid in increasing their security when exiting an abusive relationship.

Chester Township Light Tower, $33,802. The Fire Department will replace a non-functioning light tower on one of their vehicles. The Tower can quickly illuminate an emergency scene and provide assistance in animal rescue or can support local law enforcement work.

City of Wilmington Parks and Recreation Park Security Cameras, $32,114. The project will secure park areas from drugs, vagrancy and petty crimes with the installation of night vision security cameras, to be monitored by the Police Department.

Clinton County Coalition on Homeless, $16,500. The Coalition will hire a professional consultant to build a coordinated community plan to prevent and end homelessness in Clinton County by 2022. The work of the Clinton County Coalition on Homelessness will provide essential resources and data that will be a guideline on how to end homelessness in Clinton County.

Clinton County Community Action Multi-Generational Care and Well Being, $105,952. Community Action will renovate the Wilmington Savings Bank Senior Center to create a multi-generational center that embraces the interaction and benefits for both children in early childhood and the seniors of our community.

Clinton County Park’s Park Bench and Signage, $13,413. The project will purchase and install park benches at each Clinton County park.

Clinton County Regional Planning Commission Downtown Bench Project, $14,000. This project supports 22 additional benches in downtown Wilmington that will be part of the Age-Friendly Clinton County initiative. The proposed benches will be age-friendly, accessible height and equipped with handrails.

Clinton Highland Joint Fire District, $39,905. The Fire District will purchase the INX self-loading cot manufactured by Ferno Washington, a local vendor. This project will alleviate the concern for the safety and well-being of staff members and patients, due to the risk of injury when lifting a patient.

Clinton-Massie School Based Health Center, $20,000. The Health Center will purchase office equipment and office supplies to support their ongoing mission to provide health care to the school and community.

Clinton Warren Joint Fire District Training Aids, $20,000. The Clinton-Warren Joint Fire and Rescue District project will purchase training props and other multi-purpose training items to educate the general public and firefighters in Clinton County and surrounding areas.

Friends of Cowan Lake, Emerald Wood Trail Bridges, $18,000. The grant funds will be used to build 2 new replacement bridges on the Emerald Woods Trail, which have become a safety hazard.

Port William-Liberty Township Air Packets, $25,000. The Township will purchase seven air packs to replace ones that are no longer serviceable.

SRWW Fire Department Off Road Rescue Vehicle, $30,000. The SRWW Fire Department will purchase a Polaris 4×4 off road vehicle that would be an extension of this department’s resources. It will provide the capabilities to take personnel and equipment to an injured or sick person that is not accessible with full sized apparatus.

Village of Blanchester Paving Chester Wilson Drive, $50,000. The project will pave portions of the parking areas in Blanchester’s Veteran’s Park which will make the restrooms and concession stand handicapped accessible.

Village of New Vienna Demolition of 132 Main Street, up to $89,000. The project involves the demolition of 132 Main Street in New Vienna, Ohio. The building is a serious health, safety and wellbeing concern. This project is in partnership with other community organizations, Regional Planning Commission, the Land Bank, the Village, CDC of Ohio and the Commissioners.

The Village of Midland Municipal Building Improvements, $11,000. The Village will replace the HVAC system and some windows in the municipal building. They will use local contractors for the work.

Village of Sabina Pool Improvements, $30,000. The Village will construct a shelter house at the Sabina Pool which will be used for community events.

Wilmington Fire Department Extraction Equipment, $44,800. Commonly referred to as “The Jaws of Life”, the Department will purchase equipment to free a person rapidly, if they have become entrapped in their vehicle as the result of an accident.

Wilmington United Methodist Church God’s Pantry, $3,500. The grant will allow the United Methodist Church to build and install outdoor refrigeration for food, resulting in improving the health of the unemployed and underemployed in our community.

The LEGACY Fund was established at the Clinton County Foundation with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Clinton Memorial Hospital by the Clinton County commissioners. The Foundation has invested those assets and ensures that annual distributions will be available to the community through the LEGACY Fund and its committee. The Clinton County Foundation is a nationally accredited charitable investment firm that serves donors, nonprofits and businesses to fulfill their philanthropic dreams and plans.