Apply Now For LEGACY Fund Grants

The LEGACY Fund grant cycle opened on Monday, Feb. 1. The first step in the grant process is a letter of intent summarizing the applicant’s project, determining the community need and alignment to the LEGACY Fund’s mission to support the health, wellbeing and safety of Clinton County residents.

The LEGACY Fund utilizes an electronic grant application through the Clinton County Foundation website. Information about the grant process may be found on our Grants page.

The deadline for the letter of intent stage is March 1, 2021. Local 501(c)3 designated nonprofits, governmental entities educational institutions, faith-based organizations and others who have partnered with a fiscal sponsor are invited to apply. Specifics on eligibility and grant requirements can be found on the grant application.

The LEGACY Fund committee members are Janet Dixon, Joe Hete, Tony Long, Michelle Morrison, and Kerry Steed. They will determine the grant applicants who will be invited to the full grant application on April 15, 2021.

The deadline on the full application is June 1, 2021.

Last year, the LEGACY Committee made grants of more than $300,000 to local organizations and projects.

The LEGACY Fund was established at the Clinton County Foundation with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Clinton Memorial Hospital by the Clinton County commissioners.

The Foundation has invested those assets wisely and is committed to ensuring that annual distributions will be available to the community through the LEGACY Fund and its committee.