Hete To Represent LEGACY Fund

The Clinton County Foundation Board President Brad Reynolds welcomed three new members to the board recently.

Additionally, Joe Hete will represent the LEGACY Fund, the largest fund at Foundation.

The new board members are Lynn Deatherage, Barbara Deibel, and Eric Salyers. Each will serve a three-year term on the board. Deibel and Saylers will serve on the Marketing-Outreach subcommittee, as Deatherage and Hete will serve on the Foundation’s Finance/Investment/Audit subcommittee.

Deatherage is an accountant and grain exporter for Settlemyre Seed Company. She and her husband live in Adams Township. She has been active in the 4-H program and served as a Clinton-Massie School board member.

Deatherage says that over the past 20 years, her activities have followed the needs of their three now-adult daughters. Deatherage embraces 4-H values that align resources to meet needs, which has resulted in hands-on learning, mentoring and coaching for youth. Deatherage believes in the 4-H motto, “To make the best, better.”

Deibel is a retired Methodist pastor and funeral planning professional. She and her husband Denny are from Akron, but made the move to Clinton County in 2017. They have sought ways to become involved in their adopted hometown community. She brings a diverse perspective and passion for stewardship to the Foundation board.

Hete retired as President and CEO of Air Transport Services Group, Inc. (ATSG) in May of 2020. He now serves as their Chairman of the Board of Directors. Hete’s work ethic was well known throughout the ATSG companies and served as an inspiration for those that were part of his team.

In addition to serving his local community, his belief in the value of education and being a distinguished alumnus has led him to currently sit on the Foundation board for the University of Akron College of Business and serve as a member of the college’s Advancement Council. He and his wife, Carrie, have four adult children.

Salyers is the vice president for human resources at Ferno Washington, one of the community’s oldest businesses. An Air Force veteran, he served in the Military Police. He is a graduate of Ohio State University and holds a PHR certification with the Society of Human Resources Management.

Salyers, and his wife, Melanie, have a family of three children and live in the Greenfield area.

The Clinton County Foundation takes pride in a diverse board that strives for stewardship and building our community’s trust in charitable organizations. Being a board member requires advocacy in ethical non-profit practice and competence in the Foundation’s asset management and growth.

The Foundation’s mission is to lead by example—exceeding the parameters set by the National Standards of Community Foundations.

“Our board serves to foster integrity and is a guiding light for responsible charitable operations,” said Reynolds. “Beyond the board are a cadre of volunteers, who serve on scholarship and grant committees. Expectations are high for all who are involved with the Clinton County Foundation.

“We expect every scholarship or grant selection committee member to sign and agree to our policies of conflict of interest, non-discrimination and confidentiality,” Reynolds continued. “We follow IRS due diligence procedures on every grant application. Our grant selection committees utilize grant contracts, site visits and evaluations to ensure good faith in grant expenditures. We believe these selection committees are exceeding the promise that charitable or public funds will be handled with fairness, accuracy and integrity.”

“We have a mandate to ensure this; our operations are regulated by the Internal Revenue Service and the Attorney General office of the State of Ohio. Our status as a 501(c)(3) organization is sacred; we perform these duties so that it is never revoked,” said Reynolds.

It is imperative that the Foundation sets the charitable standards for Clinton County and is the example for our community’s most valuable resources. The backbone for the Foundation is a strong board. These new board members join Neal Bond, Jeff Drapalik, Josh Engel, Jeff Hoak, Justin Holbrook, Chip Murdock, Jermaine Issac, Joyce Kelley, and Shannon Privett. Janet Dixon retired from the Foundation board in 2020.

Fund partners at the Foundation gave the community more than $700,000 in grants and scholarships in 2020.

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